Friday, March 2, 2007

Link Popularity - Quality Link Building Tips

Improve your link popularity

Link popularity refers to the number of websites that are linking to you. Link popularity now has the highest ranking value for website in a search engine. A good link popularity can dramatically increase your Website traffic and even your rankings.

Now, link popularity is favored by most of the search engines including major search engines like Google and MSN and always remember you can't compare quantity with quality. Getting a high number of links is not important what really is important is the quality of links you are getting because now search engines algorithm have became even more complex and they can identify what's quality and what's not.

Successful link building tips

  1. Links from Quality Sites
    Getting links from quality sites matters more than getting a quantity of links. Search engines will give your site more value if it gets links from sites that offer quality content and the sites that rank high in their index.
  2. Links from Relevant Sites
    Search engines will only give you importance if the links are coming from relevant and related sites. Suppose that your website is related to the "Real Estate" then a link from a web hosting site will not do any good to you. You may get links from the sites that related to "Real Estate".
  3. Quantity and Quality
    Now, when you are in a very high competitive market place then quantity and quality both will matter to you. If you are in the most competitive fields such as web hosting then getting a huge quantity of links from high quality sites is important for your website.
  4. Whom to Link
    Do not request link exchanges from sites that are unrelated to your website. For example, if you have a web design website, don't exchange links with a pharmaceutical website. This will not benefit your customers or visitors and the search engines may penalize your website for this.
  5. Make sure you are ready
    Complete your website before requesting reciprocal link exchanges. Most webmasters will not link to a site where most of the pages are "under construction".
  6. Text in Links
    Try to use your most important keywords or phrases in the link text. Links from related and quality sites to your site with your important keywords can really do a lot of good to your rankings. Rather than using your domain name in your links use your keywords. As an example if your domain name is then rather than having Link with text ASBC use your important keywords there.
  7. Approving Link Exchanges
    Before approving a link exchange be sure that they don't link to more than 30 websites from the same page where your link will be posted and their links page must not be more than 2 clicks away from their home page. Visit our terms and conditions page to see an example.
  8. Organizing Links
    It is best to categorize your link partners. You may split your link exchange pages into different categories. For example, say that you have a seo website then categorize your links like seo, website promotion etc. This is a much better way or organizing your links for both your visitors and your link partners. If you just have one huge page of links in no order, most webmasters will not approve your link exchange request and even your visitor will not want to visit it.

The above tips are only a few suggestions on how to build a successful linking campaign. Most importantly, be patient and take your time to find quality link partners that will add a valuable resource and bring targeted traffic to your website. I will advice you to dedicate 2-3 hours a week specially for link building tasks.

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