Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Important Factors To Consider About Search Engine Spiders/ Robots

What does Search Engines See on your website

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process involved in making improvements and changes to webpages so that they conform to the SEARCH CRITERIA utilized by search engines to rank and position listings. It is one of the most effective website promotion (Levels of Search Engine Promotion) techniques. Understanding the basic structure of how search engines index and retrieve documents is paramount to Search Engine Optimization success.

Important Factors To Consider About Search Engine Spiders/ Robots

'Spiders' are used by search engines to locate, index, rank, and list their findings. Here's a few things to keep in mind about them:

Most indexing spiders can only read text

Depending on the format, they have great difficulty with dynamic, asp, Cold Fusion, Flash, multiple redirects, tables and code such as Java Script. If it's not text based or they can't access the text, spiders won't see it

They determine ranking based on where you place your prime "keyword phrases", i.e. the terms used to conduct a search

They take into consideration criteria such as keyword frequency, prominence, weight and proximity, plus keyword placement within the HTML

They like "content rich" or thematic text (sufficient enough to support the primary keyword phrase) about your products/ services and use this to determine how relevant the page is to a searcher's request

Search Engine Friendly Websites

Search Engine Optimization involves making websites friendly to 'what the spiders see.' There are many factors to consider when optimizing a website, some of which are:

Head, title, and meta tags (include descriptions, keywords, and copyright info)

Incorporating body text that supports targeted keywords

Converting dynamic web pages (asp, jsp) to allow for reading by search engine robots/ spiders

Reducing source code without compromising website functionality

Improving/ fixing html code, and broken links and tags

Ensuring sufficient keyword concentration and placement on a page

Rewriting or copywriting to ensure the content supports the keyword phrases

Other variables include when and where customers/ visitors should enter your website and what is the best way to present them with the information they seek .

Search Engine Optimization is a very important component of Internet Marketing and is instrumental in the success of a website. Make sure that you find experienced Website Promotion/ Search Engine Optimization professionals to do the work for you. Their knowledge and understanding should be able to get into the top-20 rankings with the major search engines.

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