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As link popularity is the major factor for success on the Internetand if you have a better link popularity then you will get alot traffic to your web site
by bringing high ranking on search engines. It is quite difficult task for a new site to build link popularity which has just born here we will discuss what
strategy a new site should adopt to boost link popularity. First of all let's expalin the meaning of link, link popularity and link exchange.

1. What is Link and Link Popularity?

The link (hyperlink, or Web link) is a connection from one web resource to another. Internet begins with the hyperlink and a person go from one page to another page by clicking link. Links are the buttons and underlined text on web pages that take you to other pages on click.

2. What is Link Popularity?

Link Popularity means how much you are known on the internet which can be measured how many sites or web pages linked to you. Link popularity is a measure of both the quantity and quality of sites that link to your site. Link Popularity is the number of quality hyperlinks pointed to your website.

3. What is Link Exchange?

In Link Exchange basically, we exchange links - you add my link to your website and I will add your link to mine. It is a barter system give link and in return get link .By exchanging links, with theme based sites or authority sites you can increase your websites link popularity and which will results into increase of your website search engine rankings.

4. What are new site link exchange problems?

For new sites it is quite difficult to get linked with other sites. Even the google takes the site for indexing if it has got few inbound links from other websites. Google says "The best way to ensure Google finds your site is for your page to be linked from lots of pages on other sites..."

In one of the reason for site not listed Google has explained:
"If we have not picked up your site and it has been several months, then it is likely that our spiders are not able to find your site. If you increase the links pointing to the page, Google will likely find your site in the future. "

It is clear that your site will not be listed on Google quickly. Search Engines usually takes news sites very fast if you are linked by other popular related web sites. New site will also not get reciprocal link from other sites because of non popularity or 0 PR (Google Page Rank).

Link building strategy for new WEBSITES-

Now what strategy should new sites adopt to get started on the Web? Here are the few one, which will work.

Get Listed on Free Top Web directory-

Try to get listed on open directory project DMOZ and also submit your site to Yahoo. Be sure to follow their guidelines for listing. The important free directories in addition to dmoz are:

Get Links for Your Associates

Try to get link from your associated or friends web sites. If you are in business you can get link from your dealers or business associates. It will also help you in getting theme bases links. In initial stage you can take link from your friends and relative web pages or site although they may not be theme based but at least search engine like Google will find your link and index you.

Free Site Submission Tools

There are lot free site submit tool are available on the Internet. Use them to get listing as for the new site owner it is difficult to find the important search engines. Be careful and do not submit many time to same search engines as they may consider repetive submission it Spam. Further try to keep away from FFA pages as they are treated as 'link farms' by search engines and listing is penalized.

Join Discussion Forum

The Discussion form is another media to get inbound links. Join the Message Board which is related to the theme of your site and if you are expert in your field you can reply the many threads. Be sure to include your URL in your signature and also anchor text to be linked with URL should be your site Keyword. If the message board allows it, you can even include a short promotional blurb about your site at the end of your posts. Even if you do not post try to add your url in profile and it is also an inbound link and is important if from your theme based Forum. Try to add your details i.e city, country name, interest and occupation in profile as it will make your theme based pages where all contents are related to you.

Email based discussion-

Email based discussion lists, which are archived on the web in static HTML pages can also be used to boost the link popularity of your site in a similar manner. In this case, the signature file that you use with your email program should contain the URL for your web site.

Reciprocal links request low page rank sites-

The New site faces difficulty in exchanging link with high Page Rank Sites. It is better to start exchanging link with sites which are related to your topic or theme of your site even they may have low Page Rank. You will see that there page rank will increase with the time and you will gain.

Link Popularity through Awards-

Try to join the award sites. There are many sites which open contest or award of good site design or good content site you can apply for it. If you get a chance to which your brief site content will be published on Award site, which will increase your link popularity.

Major Industry Associations-

There are many industrial association sites which publish free listing of there sites. Just find the association site relating to your products or theme of site and get listed.

Signing of Testimonial-
Lot of website ask to write testimonial and also add your URL. Just study the site and write brief genuine testimonials about the website. If you will be able to write good, genuine testimonial you are sure to get listed there with your comment. Do not sign guest books with vague comment just to get link.

Discount Offer-
You can offer a discount or concession on your good, products and services to anyone who put a small banner or text link back to your site.

Affiliate program-

Set up an affiliate program, which is an excellent way to boost link popularity. Your affiliate members will put there affiliate code on there sites which will contain your URL and your will get theme based inbound link.

It is always said better beginning is half done. So if new site adopt the above method to increase link popularity they are sure to build good page rank in the beginning and latter on all higher page rank web sites will be ready to exchange link with you and will result into building of solid link popularity for your site. You should not expect results (Increase in search engine ranking) so fast. Wait for at least 3 month till search engines index you all full site pages.

I hope these tips are very useful to all.....
plz add you comments about it.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

How To Avoid Google Sandbox

By just a little planning you can get your website to the top faster avoiding google sandbox
Here's a tip on how to beat the Google sandbox.

Sorry, this isn't going to help those of you who just launched your new site, but for those who are willing to plan ahead, it will help your next site. Most of you already know that Google initiated a filter last March that essentially dampens the ability for new sites to rank well for popular terms. The filter has been called the "sandbox".

So, how do you get around this? Don't wait until you are ready to launch a new site to launch a new site. If you are even THINKING about a new project, buy the domain NOW. Get it hosted on an inexpensive ISP and write some content for it. 5 - 10 pages will do. Then link to it from your current site (or 2 or 3 if you have them) to get it indexed and to start building PR. Then, add a new page of content every month or so. And submit it to a few directories (the free one's that will take small, unpolished sites - there's lots out there) every month to simulate slow, natural backlink growth.

By the time you are ready to actually launch your new site, you will have an "aged" domain that has been indexed and building link popularity for some time. It will greatly reduce or even eliminate your stay in the sandbox.

What's Google Sandbox and how to avoid it...

    In general, brand-new web sites with new domain names need about 6 - 8 months to get top rankings on Google.

    The usual process is that Google indexes the new web site, lists it for some less important queries and then the web pages drop from the search engine result pages for several months. Although other search engines work fine, Google doesn't list the web site, sometimes not even for the company name.

    If you have a brand-new web site, don't worry about this behavior. You are not doing anything wrong. Google seems to delay the inclusion of new web sites. This phenomenon is called the Google sandbox.

    Why does Google delay the inclusion of brand-new web sites?

      It seems that Google delays the inclusion of brand-new web sites to encourage webmasters to build content instead of building mini-networks.

      Many webmasters try to artificially inflate the link popularity of their web site by creating a network of small web sites with different URLs that all link to each other. Many of these web sites have no purpose other than linking to the main web site.

      By delaying the ranking of new web sites, this mini-network strategy doesn't offer a quick jump to the top anymore. The delay might encourage webmasters to focus on the content of their main web site instead of building useless mini sites.

      Please go through my next post to know 'How to avoid google sandbox effect'

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just imagine! what could google do if they were evil?

People probably know Google's informal company motto "Don't be evil". Google is a very successful company that knows a lot about its advertisers and users. In addition, Google has a market share that would allow them do certain things.

What could Google do if they were evil? Note that the following is only hypothetical:

Google could favor its own products and websites

Google could prefer websites from its own services in the search results: websites that run Google ads, websites that use Google's payment service, Blogger sites, Google Base, etc.

All websites that pay Google in some way could be preferred in the search results while others are downranked.

Google could punish websites at discretion

If Google doesn't like your website or if someone tells Google that you're a bad boy then Google can ban your website from the search results without any reason given.

You can find a lot of articles on the web that discuss the problem that Google removed web sites from the index. The main problem with these removals is that Google usually doesn't explain why a web site has been removed so that webmasters often are complete and utterly at Google's mercy.

Google could use your data against you

Most Google products now use a single account. That means that Google knows a lot about you if you use their services: your address, your credit card number, the web pages that you visit, the web sites that you own, how much you earn with your web site (if you use Google's analytics product), etc.

Google could sell this information to other companies, the government or any other person that pays for it. If one of your web sites causes a problem with Google, they could ban all of your sites. There's a lot that Google could do with the information they have about you.

Google could force webmasters to advertise

Google could decide that web sites that advertise on Google get better rankings in the search results. They could also decide that companies with big wallets don't get high rankings so that they have to advertise more.

Companies that use Google's analytics software to track their sales tell Google how much they earn. That allows Google to raise the advertising costs based on the revenue of the company.

Google could do most of the things above and it would be very difficult to prove that they actually do it because Google doesn't reveal the ranking algorithm. Maybe you know the saying "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Let's hope that Google can resist the temptations of their power.

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