Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Search engine news of the week

1-Invalid clicks – Google's overall numbers

Our invalid clicks rate – the activity rate – has remained in the range of less than 10% of all clicks every quarter since we launched AdWords in 2002. [...]

Because of the broad operation of our proactive detection, the relatively rare cases we find of advertisers being affected by undetected click fraud constitute less than 0.02% of all clicks.

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2-Google's Matt Cutts: A quick word about cloaking

"Cloaking is serving different content to users than to search engines. It’s interesting that you don’t see all that much cloaking to deliver spam these days. If you see people doing spam, they tend to rely on sneaky redirects [...]

When a Google user clicks on a search result at Google, they should always see the same page that Googlebot saw."

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3.Google now challenging ITV to be UK’s top advertiser

"Google’s UK advertising revenue has risen by 83 per cent, making the search engine second only to ITV as Britain’s highest advertising earner. [...]

Google denied that the rise in its revenues, which have nearly quadrupled in the UK since 2004, represented a threat to traditional media, saying that broadcasters stood to benefit greatly from growth in online advertising."

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