Friday, August 31, 2007

SEO Basics: On-Page Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of managing web pages attractive to get high rankings on the search engines and to make easily accessible for its users. As better the page optimized is, the higher a ranking it will get in search engine results. The main part of SEO are ON-Page and Off-Page Optimisation The objective of both Optimization is to improve the ranking of the web sites in all major search engines through on page and off page factors like optimizing keywords and content, web design, accessibility, building link popularity, search engine submission, directory submission etc.

As a part of a successful SEO campaign On-page SEO plays a vital role in initial design and development of the site for the success of your website. SEO involves a wide range of on-page strategies and techniques to improve search engine rankings. Below are some ON-Page SEO techniques which are often widely used to utilize SEO:

Keyword Research:
The First and the most crucial step for optimizing a website is to research and define the best keywords. Right keywords selection can make you more visible and help you reach your target visitors and improves your search engine rankings too.You need some relevant or well known keywords which are usually used by people to get listed in search engines. In absense of right keywords search engines will not list your website.

Web Design:
Optimising Web design of a web site is one of the important steps in SEO . Your website must be well designed using required applets to be easily noticeable. Here are given some mistakes which people often do not care but you must avoid them otherwise it will be difficult to get better rankings in search engines. You should avoid frames and also if you use flashes in your content as search engine spiders would not able to read flash text. you must add a discription while using images.

Title Tag:
Title Tag plays an important role in SEO. Don't ignore them. Title tag helps the search engines decide the theme of the web page being crawled for indexing. When a search for keywords is conducted, the Title tag is given heavy consideration by major Search Engines like Google, Msn and Yahoo. You should remember that each page in your website is unique and needs a different Title tag. Place the most important keyword phrase for that particular page in the Title tag, and the page will get higher rankings in the search engines.

Meta Tag:
Meta tags are devalued now and has not as much importance as earlier but still it is important for some other search engines other than google.META tags are HTML tags that are used to include information about your web page they are created to give search engines the important information about your website. Search engines have recognized that website owners and administrators can use this resource to control their positioning and descriptions in search engine results.

Alt Tag:
ALT Tags are also so important for web pages, it plays important role in webpages from the smallest personal pages to the largest web corporate sites. Yet, if properly used, ALT Tags can be quite useful. Among other things ALT tags provide further detail about an image and other needed informations. It also enable and enhance access for people with various disabilities.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How onpage optimization factor can boost your rankings?

In previous article by Brad Callen First steps MUST be when creating any website you come to know about keword research and importance of keywords in success of a website. I think that you will easily understand all thing described in that article and now I would like to move you to the next step of creating a well structured and designed website with proper use of keywords.

In this article you will find and easily learn about how to use keywords in your website so that it will look pretty good and be useful and easily accessible to users. Basically after selecting keywords for your site here you will come to know how to use keywords title and other tags in your website content and How changing 1 onpage optimization factor can boost your rankings by over 350 positions.

Read In detail here...

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Way To Find Supplemental Results

Just few days or you can say weeks earlier supplemental results or google supplemental index was the topic of discussion among webmasters and people have a lot of confusion regarding to supplemental results but as I have experienced and come to know last week that supplemental results are no more existing. Same happen not only with my sites but also with all other sites and then like other webmasters I also assumed that Google has dropped the supplemental results and supplemental index will be no more exist.

But now the surprising matter is that Supplemental Results are still exists, just the Syntax has been changed. Now you can easily find pages which are not in main index but can be found in supplemental results.

Now here is a new way to find supplemental results like a search for site:http://www.webexcelsolutions/& returns supplemental results for

Now you can use to type:
in google search box to get supplemental results for your site.

For further discussion and your views please refer to Webexcel forums

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

First steps MUST be when creating any website

Here I am going to start an step by step series that can help a lot to beginners and they will easily learn and understand most of all about Search Engine Optimisation.

This series include different lessons written by Brad Callen, in which you can find each and every topic in detail.

Now in this First SEO Learning Lesson you can find each and everything about Keyword research, importance of keywords and many more. Also where and how to use kywords in content. I you are going to create a website related to your business you must follow the tips given in this lesson accurately if you want online success of your business and want to see your website among top ranks on major search engines. Read in deatail here..

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Top SEO Tips To get higher Search engine Rankings

Getting listed in search engines is not a difficult task but what matters how have your site been listed in a search engine. Your site can get higher ranking in all search engines if you follow ethical SEO strategies. In this article you can find some important SEO tips which can help you to get higher Search engine rankings:

1.Do Research on Keywords: Keyword being the weapon of your success in SEO as search engines work as per your keywords hence be careful while selecting right keywords. It is widely advisable to use Overture or Wordtracker tools to select right Keyword.

2.Work On Content: It is widely said that for websites ‘Content is King’. So concentrate on your web content and make sure that the content provides some unique information to your visitor and not duplicated from elsewhere. While writing content for your web pages, insert vital keywords which relate to the products and services that your company offers.

3.Proper Design: Design your site that clearly represent your business and make an easy navigation based on your keyword research. Your overall webdesign should be simple, nice and user friendly. Make web pages that are easy to load. Don’t make pages with large images, if images are necessary; make a thumbnail and must add a description of the image.

Be Search Engine Spider Friendly: Search Engines read the websites content through its spiders or crawler. These spiders go through the site and categorized them as per the need of searchers. Always make sure that you have HTML link in your main navigation on each page. Avoid javascript link and menus, flash, graphics as search engine spider’s can not read them.

5. Build incoming links to your site: Incoming links are very, very important for SEO and also possibly the hardest part of SEO to implement. One way Incoming Links always have more importance than reciprocal links. Avoid link farms and try to get links from authority websites, edu and gov sites as they have more weightage than others and also preferable by search engines. Writing articles and submitting them to various article directories is also a better way to get free one-way incoming links and it also build a good reputation at the same time.

6. Don’t try to fool the search engines: Search Engine spiders are now more clever than you think and Search Engines update their algorithm time to time so don’t try to make them fool otherwise your site will be banned from search engines. So avoid cloaking, link farms, keyword stuffing, alt text spamming or other and unethical methods.

Have a little patience and follow the Ethical methods of SEO. It will surely give you your desired results. For more articles please visit Google SEO tips

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

About Google’s Supplemental Index :How to avoid it?

After completing a website the next step is to submit it to major search engines like google to be indexed. If you have created a well designed website by using ethical SEO methods then after a little time most of your web pages are indexed by google but still sometimes in search results or while checking your indexed pages using:


You see that some of your pages shown written supplemental results at right side of the URL of that particular page, means that pages are in supplemental index of google and has not been in Google’s main index.

Supplemental result pages usually show up in the search index after the normal search results.

It makes a lot of confusion among website owners and they think what’s wrong with their web pages and why these particular pages are not in google’s main index. Even few webmaster think that perhaps these pages are banned or penalized by google and they don’t know what to do to correct it?

Basically google have two types of index, one is main index and other is known as supplemental index. When you submit or add your website to google, it sends googlebot to index your web pages. Googlebot usually index all webpages of your website and arrange them into Main Index or Supplemental Index based on their importance. So do not think that your webpages are banned or penalized by google if they are showing in supplemental results.

Google’s Adam Lasnik has also stated that when your site has pages in a supplemental index, it does not indicate that your site has been penalized. Even though this is probably correct, the effects are the same as being penalized.

Below are some important tips to get it out of supplemental index:

1. Add Unique Content: Content is a key area of Search Engine Optimization. Keep in mind to add only unique content on each page. Eliminate the duplicate content from your webpages, if you have as pages with duplicate content are main cause to land in the supplemental index.

2. Add unique meta tags: Add unique meta data for each page on your website. Always make sure to have unique title tags, description tags, keyword tags, etc.

3. Improve website architecture and internal linking: If your pages have complex navigation than improve it by making it easier to understand to googlebot as well as user. Add a sitemap and link it to all of your webpages. Be sure to link to the sitemap from your homepage so that googlebot can find it all links easily.

4. Add some more quality links: Try to get some more quality links for your pages as link popularity is all about trust now days. Just a few quality links from higher Page rank, a little older and already ranked domains may help a lot in convincing google a newer website deserve to be trusted.

5. Have a little patience: If you have checked and solve the problem and everything is all right then still it may take a while for many of the supplemental to go away. Just have a little patience and most probably your all webpages will be no more in supplemental index.

I think above tips will be help you to understand about google’s supplemental indexing. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to share with me….at Latest SEO Tips and Strategies