Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Free Tips To Generate Traffic and Link Popularity

The main objective of any Search Engine Optimization campaign is to generate traffic and attract more and more visitors by using different ethical strategies. Building link popularity is one of the most effective ways to make popular your website on the web and also getting traffic to your website. In this article you can find some important tips to generate traffic and obtain inbound links for your website:

1. Article Submission: Submitting article to various article submission directories is a better and effective way to obtain inbound link and generate traffic to your website. If you are an expert of your field and can write good content then write articles related to your business and submit them to article submission directories. Always remember to include a resource box having a link back to your website. If your article is impressive and informative to users then it will be published and increase your traffic as well as link popularity.

2. Directory Submission: Submitting your website to related web directories is an easy way to increase link popularity and generate traffic to your website.
By submitting your website to a directory you will get an inbound link that increases your link popularity. Often webmasters and many other people go to visit various web website directories for specific information so it also helps to generate traffic to your website.

3. Blogging: Business blogs are also an effective way to generate traffic as well as obtain inbound links to your website. Create a blog related to your business and make regular posts on that. Blogs are easily accessible and you can easily add or modify content in your blog. Always include a link back to your website in each and every post of your blog that will help to divert traffic to your website. If your blog posts are unique and informative then visitors may return back to your blog time to time for more information and it will increase traffic to your blog as well as your website and help to increase your link popularity.

4. Online discussion forums: Online discussion forums are also an excellent way to generate targeted traffic and building link popularity to your website.

There are three ways to participate in online forums. You can post any useful information related to general topic of that forum by starting a new thread, you can post your queries and also respond to requests for help. It is beneficial to take part in discussions in these forums, as they often provide you a signature box where you add a link to your website. These signatures appear in your each and every post. In this way it increase link popularity and targeted traffic to your website at no cost.

5. Press Releases: Press releases considered not only generating traffic and building link popularity to your site but also effective way to get noticed your business in media. You can write a well crafted content for press release or attempt to write something unique that will be useful to its users, write as shorter as feasible to maximize your efficiency and speed and submit it to popular press release sites to publish. Do not forget to include a link back to your website in press release.

6. Link Exchange request: Sending Link exchange request to other relevant websites is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic and building link popularity to your website. Only focus on sites relevant to your website but not the direct competitors and send them request to exchange links with your site. Make sure to have something unique to attract other webmaster to link to your site.

It results in long term so it requires a little patience. Avoid link farms and try to get links from authority websites, edu and gov sites and also focus on getting links from older websites.

Above tips will be useful to you, follow them and sure link popularity and traffic to your site will increase day by day. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to share with me….

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