Sunday, August 5, 2007

About Google’s Supplemental Index :How to avoid it?

After completing a website the next step is to submit it to major search engines like google to be indexed. If you have created a well designed website by using ethical SEO methods then after a little time most of your web pages are indexed by google but still sometimes in search results or while checking your indexed pages using:


You see that some of your pages shown written supplemental results at right side of the URL of that particular page, means that pages are in supplemental index of google and has not been in Google’s main index.

Supplemental result pages usually show up in the search index after the normal search results.

It makes a lot of confusion among website owners and they think what’s wrong with their web pages and why these particular pages are not in google’s main index. Even few webmaster think that perhaps these pages are banned or penalized by google and they don’t know what to do to correct it?

Basically google have two types of index, one is main index and other is known as supplemental index. When you submit or add your website to google, it sends googlebot to index your web pages. Googlebot usually index all webpages of your website and arrange them into Main Index or Supplemental Index based on their importance. So do not think that your webpages are banned or penalized by google if they are showing in supplemental results.

Google’s Adam Lasnik has also stated that when your site has pages in a supplemental index, it does not indicate that your site has been penalized. Even though this is probably correct, the effects are the same as being penalized.

Below are some important tips to get it out of supplemental index:

1. Add Unique Content: Content is a key area of Search Engine Optimization. Keep in mind to add only unique content on each page. Eliminate the duplicate content from your webpages, if you have as pages with duplicate content are main cause to land in the supplemental index.

2. Add unique meta tags: Add unique meta data for each page on your website. Always make sure to have unique title tags, description tags, keyword tags, etc.

3. Improve website architecture and internal linking: If your pages have complex navigation than improve it by making it easier to understand to googlebot as well as user. Add a sitemap and link it to all of your webpages. Be sure to link to the sitemap from your homepage so that googlebot can find it all links easily.

4. Add some more quality links: Try to get some more quality links for your pages as link popularity is all about trust now days. Just a few quality links from higher Page rank, a little older and already ranked domains may help a lot in convincing google a newer website deserve to be trusted.

5. Have a little patience: If you have checked and solve the problem and everything is all right then still it may take a while for many of the supplemental to go away. Just have a little patience and most probably your all webpages will be no more in supplemental index.

I think above tips will be help you to understand about google’s supplemental indexing. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to share with me….at Latest SEO Tips and Strategies


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