Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Way To Find Supplemental Results

Just few days or you can say weeks earlier supplemental results or google supplemental index was the topic of discussion among webmasters and people have a lot of confusion regarding to supplemental results but as I have experienced and come to know last week that supplemental results are no more existing. Same happen not only with my sites but also with all other sites and then like other webmasters I also assumed that Google has dropped the supplemental results and supplemental index will be no more exist.

But now the surprising matter is that Supplemental Results are still exists, just the Syntax has been changed. Now you can easily find pages which are not in main index but can be found in supplemental results.

Now here is a new way to find supplemental results like a search for site:http://www.webexcelsolutions/& returns supplemental results for

Now you can use to type:
in google search box to get supplemental results for your site.

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