Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Matt Cutts Confirms Google PageRank Update

Most of people were looking for page rank updation by Google since last week of July this year. This was obvious because generally Google PR updation takes place after every 3-4 months and the last PR update held in April of this month.

In the first week of August people have seen a little fluctuation in PR and number of backlinks of their sites in some places. But this fluctuation was just happened with fewer sites so people were confused about that PR updation has been completed or still have to complete.

Recently last week in October, people again have seen a great fluctuation in PR of their sites and also in their number of backlinks and hope that PR updation has been finished for this time now. and yes people were right as Matt Cutts confirmed Page Rank Update for this time in an email to Search Engine Journal on 29th October.

Matt Cutts emailed Search Engine Journal last night to let us know that in fact, the partial Google ‘Toolbar’ PageRank update which happened last week was a result of Google’s campaign against paid linking and advertisement links which influence PageRank.

Read here in detail at Matt Cutts Confirms Google PageRank Update

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